Miss California

Miss California

For pageant lovers the recently concluded Miss USA was a delight. The show’s opening was spunky and fun as they arrived at a winner on the night. What was different about this pageant is that no ‘world peace’ answer would be have been given or even accepted. The questions were current political discussions that you would typically hear on news stations. How did these enter pageants?

In the final answer segment gay judge Perez Hilton asked Miss California Carrie Prejean her personal opinions on gay marriage in America. With an answer that would disgust persons who support gay marriage Miss California went on to say ‘no offense’ but she believes that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. With whatever answer she would have provided in answering the question it would isolate a party to the question. With Miss California giving an unpopular answer in today’s world where more and more persons are being liberal on the matter accepting gay marriage it would have come to her detriment.

Hours later, Perez Hilton on his blog video taped his response referring to Miss Prejean to derogatory names which were disrespectful and crude. With this, it ignited an old discussion of the acceptance of gay marriage in the American society. With persons taking sides it also started a witch hunt to find skeletons in Miss Prejean’s closet.

Being first runner up to the Miss USA title for 2009, this answer skyrocketed Miss California in the media with her making grand appearances on news networks across America. I have been watching this story, I can’t recall her making a CNN appearance but she was definitely on MSNBC and FOX time and time again. This kept the discussion current and developed in a huge fight with the Miss California pageant holders.


Persons who follow pageants also blame Miss Prejean for answering the way she did. Of course pageant girls are known for their perfect answers and concise responses. The argument against Miss California is that she knew Perez Hilton was gay, the Miss California pageant holder is, a huge part of her state supports gay marriage, and two other judges were openly gay, so why this stance on the matter if you really want to win the crown knowing that you would isolate some persons from yourself.


With questions ranging from the war in Iraq and free health care, this was a telling night. The questions asked of Miss Prejean also had her stop in her tracks. If anyone should analyze her answer she was liberal in the beginning saying we live in a land where we can choose. However, in recent interviews she says at that point, God intervened and said to her what do you really believe? At that point her answer took a 360 degree turn and her reference that a marriage should be between a man and a woman was made.

Should she really be blamed though? I don’t think so. She was asked a question and she gave an honest answer. I believe if she had flip flopped from side to side then she wouldn’t have answered her question. Which brings me to the point can we handle the truth. Sometimes we ask questions and we are not going to like the responses we are given but we need to respect an individual’s opinion on a certain matter and Perez Hilton could not handle the heat.

Days after, revealing images appeared on the internet exposing Miss California to some harsh critics. In entering pageants, contestants cannot pose nude in images and these should be disclosed before you continue. Miss California did state in her contract that she did not pose nude. However, photographer’s images revealed that some parts of her body (breasts) were exposed. But these were taken in and between takes when she was not aware of. This matter was taken to Donald Trump the pageant holder which concluded that she will continue to be Miss California’s representative.

The Bigger Issue

The question of gay marriage is topical and ethical some would say. From an ethics point of view by the right’s perspective, it is a right to marry whoever you want to marry. From a utilitarian’s view if gay marriage will benefit the majority then it should be awarded. However, this political issue just won’t go away. Obama, Clinton, Palin etc. believes that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Bruce Golding the Prime Minister of Jamaica believes the same. He said in a recent interview that he would not award a gay person to his cabinet. The issue of gay marriage is a touching one because gays are demanding the right to marriage in more places.

This issue will always have two sides and it is time for politicians and civilians to sit down and really think about this issue. It will only hurt if we begin to hate those who oppose a position we stand on. Miss California was punished for exercising her freedom of speech right; I do hope that others will not be hateful because someone does not believe the way you do.