California’s Action Hero Governor

California’s Action Hero Governor

Never in California’s – perhaps United States’ – history has a governor generated as much public and media excitement as has Arnold Schwarzenegger. This pumped-up popular figure is proving to be as formidable a chief executive of the most populace state in America, as he was a body builder, actor or businessman.

Since taking office in late 2003, he has surprised critics and supporters alike with his ability to wield his infectious personality to gain compromise and advance issues important to him. During the recall election of former Governor Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger telegraphed that he would be his own man, and he’s acted as such, frustrating opponents and members of his own Republican party with his independence.

What he does that no other politician can do is use his enormous popularity to bludgeon opponents into compromise. When the governor began his effort to pass two referenda that approved bonds to refinance over $ 22 billion in state debt, approval of the propositions was in question, but through the weight of his personality and with alliances with the Democratic State Controller, he got the referenda approved. After that success, he declared, “I love it when the people go to the polls and flex their muscle.” And as is evident when you meet this larger-than-life figure, there are few politicians who can flex their muscles as Schwarzenegger can. His willingness, in fact eagerness, to sidestep traditional politics and go directly to voters has intimidated old-school backroom politicians.

Governor Schwarzenegger uses his persuasive personality to cajole recalcitrant opponents just by hinting that if they don’t compromise he will go directly to the people with ballot measures. The approach has worked, as no politician before. When asked how he was enjoying his new role as Governor, Schwarzenegger said that he’s never had as much fun in his life, and that’s saying a lot, considering his many accomplishments. He is not an administrator; he is an action figure. “I never want to be the governor that hangs (an American expression that means waiting for things to happen),” he is reported to have said before returning from a trip to Germany. “I like to do things. I have the energy and I have the enthusiasm.” …

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California White Wine – Chardonnay

California White Wine – Chardonnay

One of the things I’ve learned already in this adventure of starting a wine club is that many people have tons of questions about grapes and different varietals of wine. In an effort to help educate people and answer some of these basic questions I’ve put together a few basics about some popular wines.

California Chardonnay:

The undisputed queen of the California White Wines, Chardonnay is a popular choice for many reasons.

Tasting Notes:

People generally describe Chardonnay as a crisp clean white wine. You’ll find small fig, citrus, tropical fruit or apple flavors in most bottles. More recently Chardonnay has started to be aged in oak barrels which gives the resulting wine a much deeper oak flavor which can be the strongest of all the flavors in the wine. One common thread with Chardonnay from all over the world, the balance of sugar and acid is outstanding and makes it an entirely drinkable wine for wine lovers and novices alike.

What Grape is It?

Genetic studies show that the grape is actually a cross between the Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc grapes. California Chardonnay is typically grown in cool valleys because the fruit ripens so quickly that producers need to slow the process down in order to keep the alcohol content to a reasonable level.

History of the wine in California:

Although first planted in the 1800’s the grape was nearly forgotten during prohibition when farmers and wine makers were forced to take Chardonnay fields out and replace them with grapes with thicker skins so transport and concealment would be easier. A few patches in more rugged terrain survived, especially in the Santa Cruz mountains and the grape started a full scale comeback in the 1970’s. It is now the stable of the California white wine industry and the most popular white wine in the world.

Important Notes:

Chardonnay is generally thought of as one of the easiest wines to create. In fact many observers of the wine industry feel that any average winemaker can create an outstanding Chardonnay given the growing conditions within California’s cool valleys.

Pricing Structure:

Chardonnay under $ 8 or so per bottle will have some significant issues.

$ 8-$ 20 Typically good balance and complexity, but lacking in oak flavoring.

$ 20-$ 40 Great Chardonnays in this price range

$ 40+ Unless your palate and nose for wine is exceptional, you most likely will not be able to tell the difference between a $ 20 bottle scored at 92 points and a $ 80 bottle scored at 94 points by the major wine critics in the world.

To Sum It Up:

We don’t plan to offer Chardonnay through either of our initial two Uncorked Ventures wine clubs. Frankly you can find many good bottles of Chardonnay at lower price points that are readily available.

Vintage Guide

2007 92 D/H
2006 88 D
2005 94 D/H
2004 91 D
2003 90 D
2002 95 D
2001 96 D
2000 88 D
1999 89 D
1998 85 D
1997 93 D
1996 90 D
1995 91 D
1994 94 D
1993 90 D
1992 92 D
1991 94 D
1990 90 D

95-100 Spectacular. Most producers made very good wines at all levels
90-94 Excellent. The best wines should be great. Consistency throughout the vintage.
85-89 Very Good. The best producers made top wines. Inconsistent thru the lower levels.
80-86 Good. Many producers made good wines with some inconsistency at the bottom.
75-79 Middling. Choose your producers carefully. Only the best may have made a top wine.
70-74 Below Average. Tough vintage to make good wines.
Under 70 A Poor vintage. Spend your money very carefully.

D/H=Drink or Hold

I hope this has helped you make an informed decision when buying a bottle of Chardonnay. Just remember, vintage is important with wine.

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Disneyland California – Planning

Disneyland California – Planning
“I thought I was a trading genius, a god,” said the Reddit user.
“After the dump from 19k to 11k I went down for a long time and kept adding to my position when I bombed to 12k 13k, 14k Then, at the 16k dead cat, my position was another 100 BTC win.”
The trader ended by explaining how he had converted 300 bitcoin to zero. “At this moment I am still in shock.”
Although painful, while pump handlers are being washed away, institutional investors will begin to view the industry as a legitimate investment choice and this seismic shift may be under way.

For numerous people, a family holiday is explained as a tour to Disneyland or Disney World. At the present time you can chart out your trip, and get plenty of useful information, at home with just a click of a mouse.

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Despite the fact that it is much smaller than Orlando’s Walt Disney World, Disneyland California has a unique place in the Disney pantheon as the abode of the creative Magic Kingdom ,the classic theme park with Adventureland, Fantasyland, etc. that come into sight also at Disney World in Orlando, and at other Disneylands in the whole world. This theme park — called the Disneyland Park– is at the moment only part of the Disneyland Resort; in 2001, a subsequent theme park was commenced, the 55-acre Disney’s California Adventure Park, that is going through an enormous reconstruction. Families should sketch a tour minimum of two days, to visit both the parks peacefully and without panicing the whole thing.

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For its succeeding park, Disneyland could have pinched inspiration from Walt Disney World and vanished with an idea tried and true such as Epcot in fact, there were preparations at one time to build up a park called “Westcot” or, given its closeness to Hollywood, Disney-MGM Studios as the company has finished with its second Paris park. As a substitute, Disney tried something audicious and evolved an completely new park based on California–the state and the state of mind.

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Nevertheless, the company failed to remember something extremely important as it was scheming DCA: places of attraction. With about one-third the number of rides and shows at Disneyland Park, there is not as much to do here. And an astonishing number of the park’s rides are off-the-shelf rotating and whirling rides. Initially, numerous of the attractions did not catch the attention of the young children. With the opening of the Bug’s Land area, it has changed for the better.

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For all of its inadequacy however, DCA does have some grand magnetism and pulls and of course great and amazing themes. And with trimmings such as the Tower of Terror and the Aladdin stage show, it is developing and growing in the right direction. Highlights
• Disney’s Aladdin– A Musical Spectacular

• Soarin’ Over California simulator ride

• It’s Tough to Be a Bug 3-D film

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• The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

• Jim Henson’s Muppet*Vision 3-D film

• California Screamin’ launched steel coaster

• Disney’s Electrical Parade


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Yacht Charters Southern California

Yacht Charters Southern California

Yacht chartering is the practice of renting, or chartering, a sailboat or motor yacht and traveling to various coastal or island destinations. Though this is normally a fun activity, in the recent times, yachting is promoted also as a corporate event. Over the last decade or two, there has been an increase in the number and popularity of large private luxury yachts.

Renting a yacht for various family occasions and also for corporate get together is increasingly gaining in popularity. Yacht charters are especially geared toward weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, and for business or pleasure. It is now a common practice to rent a yacht for organizing seminars, meetings and corporate parties. Many also use yacht charters to bid farewell to their beloved ones by making arrangement for a sea burial.

California is a state, where one can find a large numbers of charters and large boats for sailing. Not all the yacht charters in Northern California, explore the Pacific. The Lake Tahoe area, on the border between California and Nevada, offers charters, sailing classes. There is a great deal of exploration available around the San Francisco Bay. Marina Del Rey in Southern California is a dominant yachting region. One can just relax in the daytime in Santa Monica Bay or choose a multiple day sail for experienced sailors.

Lower Newport Bay has 600 acres of open water and is popular for all sizes of vessels. Newport Bay is also a famous visiting haunt for migrating birds. Some charters offer overnight travel to nearby Catalina Island. The extremely temperate area of San Diego, with 70 miles of beaches having a major influence on the lives of residents, offers charters for whale watching, sea lions, fishing, and assorted water sports, as well as sailing clubs. One can enjoy yacht charters year-round in California.

Orca Yacht Charters offers the largest fleet of Luxury Yachts in Southern California for all kinds of events. Orca Yacht Charters handle every detail with great care. From a Sailing Regatta, to afternoon sport fishing excursion to an elegantly catered dinner cruise or a relaxing cocktail cruises, this Yacht Charters in Southern California, offers you all with a perfect precision.

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Air Pollution In California

Air Pollution In California

Just the other day, I experienced the nauseating sensation of driving down a pass into the air pollution in Los Angeles. We need clean air to be healthy, but these air pollution facts make me ill.

Air Pollution In California

There are many different types of pollution that affect our environment. The Earth’s waters are affected by pollutants such as chemicals and medical waste, and the land itself is also polluted with garbage and even more types of chemicals. Some of the worst pollution that affects us daily, however, is air pollution. Here are some air pollution thoughts that should make you hack, cough and start wearing a filter mask.

Air pollution is a general term that is used to describe any chemical, biological or other matter that causes changes in the atmosphere. A good example is the pollution caused by large cities, which is also known as smog. Smog is the accumulation of all the dirt and chemical pollutants produced by a city or area, and it can be detrimental to our lungs, other animals, plants and even the ozone layer high above us.

The particularly nasty thing about air pollution is the silent, unseen impact it has on us. Whereas we can see and taste water pollution, air pollution is much less obvious. It is, however, still deadly. For instance, everyone knows smoking is bad for you and will ruin your lungs. Yet, not a single person either seems to know or care that among air pollution facts, one of the ugliest is as follows. If you drive in rush hour traffic in Los Angeles with your window rolled down, the harm to your lungs per hour is equal to smoking two PACKS of cigarettes. TWO PACKS!

Holes in the ozone layer, which is a layer in the upper atmosphere, allow more harmful UVB (ultraviolet B) light to reach us from the sun. This light can cause skin cancer as well as sun burns and lesser ailments. There are other causes for the holes in this layer besides just smog, and these include carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels and even the exhaling of farm animals. While we would consider most of the harm done to the atmosphere to be caused by chemicals, air pollution facts tell us that even animals have a hand in creating air pollution.

So, what can we do to stop air pollution? While there is no way to completely get rid of pollutants that harm our air quality and ozone layer, we can help to eliminate man made causes of atmospheric distress. Cutting down on the use of fossil fuels, using non-chemical based cleaners, and generally thinking “green” can all help to reduce the amount of air pollution we produce. A fundamental solution is to get off of fossil fuels for our cars and the hybrid vehicles are a good start. If the mythical hydrogen vehicle ever comes to be, the reduction of air pollution in major cities will be astounding.

While there is no real way to fix the damage we have already done to the atmosphere, people can definitely stop more problems from occurring. In your everyday life, try to produce less air pollution by taking simple steps to use less chemicals and fossil fuels. We’ve got a long way to make the world a less polluted place, but every little step towards a “greener” Earth will help us all breathe a little easier.

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