Guy's Guide to Booking a Bed and Breakfast in Texas


When it comes to booking a bed and breakfast in Texas, there are a huge number of options to choose from. But with this many options comes “options paralysis”. It’s easy to be overcome with too many possible ways to book a great trip. The boys understand that “B&B Escape” should be romantic and fun, but if it’s too complicated, problems with the size of a lone star can occur.
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Not to worry. Here’s a basic guide for anyone trying to put together a great B&B trip for him and his special person:

1. Book on time – Even though bed and breakfast destinations are available almost year-round, it can be more difficult for you to book a stay if there is a big break in the calendar. Vacations and seasonal vacations can quickly fill vacancies. Additionally, if the B&B you are interested in has a local event calendar, check to see if there are any important events during the suggested time when you want to book a room. Washington County, Texas, for example, is home to stellar wineries and beautiful wilderness landscapes. Sometimes the smallest cities can have the biggest draws because of an event.
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2. Don’t make a book too much out of the way – You definitely want some peace and quiet for you and your sweetheart, but you also want to have a connection with civilization. The beds and snacks are nice in that they can offer a little privacy, but if you want to dare to explore the nearest town or take a day trip to the nearest big city, you want to plan close enough not to spend all your time traveling Brenham, Texas, home to Blue Bell Ice Cream, is in a prime location near mid-Austin and Houston.
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3. Romance Package – You know your significant other really well and as such plan a great trip here. Plan ahead for part of your trip to include an activity your partner finds particularly romantic. Maybe the dances in the historic dance hall do the trick. Perhaps tourism as a couple with a picturesque sunset at the end is the way to the heart of your love. The key is to be open to doing something that makes them smile from ear to ear.
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4. Make Memories and Take Pictures – Too often trips usually have photos taken by one person. They are usually missing from most photos. Invest in a selfie stick and stay close to your loved one. Try to make as many memorable moments as possible. Take a fun photo of the two of you sharing a snack in the blue-blue glitter of Texas Hill Country. When you get home, you can even hop on the couch and experience the great trip you had while browsing through your photos.
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Guys, it can be easy to let planning a trip to a nice B&B turn out to be a hassle, but if you start your journey with a bad attitude, the end of the trip can be even worse. By taking the time to follow the steps above and considering the love of your life, you can make it a journey to remember.