Photography tips as you travel


Whether you are embarking on a family vacation or your family reunion, this will be a special time. When we think of the trips we make, we tend to remember them best with photos. Here are some ideas for improving your vacation as well as your memories of them.

Location preparation

1) Since you know where you are going (this is a minimum requirement), does it make sense to check the location before getting there? Create a list of attractions, accommodations, special places of interest, places for entertainment, shopping and more. A good source to help you do this is: Places & Travel section of (( / Browse? CatID = 179))

2) Find photo opportunities for each appropriate location. Anyone can take this "nice" photo of the kids in the amusement park. Won't you take a "WOW" photo that can be hung above the mantle?

3) Depending on the location you are traveling to, you can see what books have been written about them that highlight the best photo opportunities for the whole area

4) If you are cyber-savvy, start at and search for different combinations of: your destination, the best photography locations, location images, scenic spots, and more. The options are endless.

5) If you return to a small urban area, explore the national parks in the area. The great thing about national parks is that the landscape is usually so breathtaking that it looks so striking.
exceptional, just because of the theme. Once in, do a photo search and you'll be presented with great photos from all the parks

Photo preparation

Good for traveling or passing in a wonderful place full of photo opportunities. You started this leg of your journey into the crack of dawn, and as you enter the most scenic view for 400 miles, the sun is just beginning to crack the horizon.

You instinctively pull your car, grab your camera and tripod, and look for the best place to set up. Just one little little problem … FORGET YOUR TRIPOD! Instead of hitting your forehead then, why not plan these things now before you leave?

Your list should INCLUDE the following review …

1) Do I have to repeat – TRANSMIT YOUR TRIPOD? This does not take up much space, and as explained at, tripods allow you to take completely new categories of photos that have & # 39; it is not possible without one

2) Memory. Of course, carry all the memory you have, but also pack your portable storage device (explained at

3) If your camera has a hot shoe, bring your external flash and any accessories that can be used to help with the flash bounce

4) Remember your external shutter release cable for these long exposures. How else would you get that "angel hair" at the waterfalls?

5) Remember the main things like: batteries, battery charger, camera bag and optional lenses and filters (if applicable to your camera)

6) And just in case you need it, bring the manuals for your equipment.

Lastly, don't get so wrapped up in perfect shots that you don't enjoy the trip. Remember to use a tripod so you can see at least some of the photos.

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