Enjoy camping at the Great Wall of China


When you visit China, you cannot miss the Great Wall of China. It is at the top of the travel list. Much can be known about the Great Wall; it is a wall created by man who comes under the Seven Wonders of the World. The Great Wall is one of a kind places that ignites youth within you and you want to tour the best sections of the wall yourself.

Camping is one of the most incredible experiences that is most sought after by adventure seekers. Imagine waking up between logs, lush greenery and sunlight peeking through your camp. Living life on the road is not a piece of cake! You have to be strict with yourself and still enjoy being there. Camping is one such experience that makes you full of adventure and excitement. This Beijing tour is great as it offers incredible camping opportunities.

Jiankou is a stretch that is difficult to hike and is not accepted by most travelers. You have to be really brave when walking this section of the Wall. When you have heavy luggage on your back and want to go around that stretch of wall, it gets really difficult. The level of difficulty of the hike is difficult and you need to be really strong and ready to walk this stretch.

After hiking for miles, imagine that going to your camp and checking out the pictures you clicked with the turrets is a wonderful experience.

When you decide to camp on the Great Wall-
Ask a local resident for the best place to camp there. They will guide you best and you can be sure that your trip will be a memorable one.

It is recommended that you do not camp near the big city as the big city authorities may refuse your request.

Well, it's always better to plan your vacation in advance! Plan your camping experience according to the time available and make sure you enjoy seeing the best sections within your time and budget.

Take care of your own safety. Avoid camping near lake shores and open fields. You may not know the weather conditions, therefore it is your responsibility to choose the right place to enjoy your camping experience.

The Great Wall of Goubeiko is one of the best sections to enjoy the camping experience in China. You can get there on a budget, especially when you have a subway map. This section is not recovered and you should therefore keep a close eye on your leg as you walk this section. Although you will enjoy this tourism the most, you must first take care of your security.

Then there are other places like the Great Wall of Mutianyu, the Great Wall of Badaling and the Great Wall of Shimatay that do not allow camping.

Take care of the most important when you camp on the Great Wall and enjoy the journey to the fullest.