A to Z tips for New Zealand


I was inspired by many A to Z publications online and decided to create an A to Z list for New Zealand. This is just my honest opinion of what I thought was the high point of any alphabet. It was quite difficult to choose just one thing for some of the alphabets.

And for Auckland
Everyone knows about Auckland's largest city, New Zealand, also known as the City of Sails. The part I like most about Auckland is that although it is very urban in terms of convenience, the suburbs still retain some of their rural qualities (eg a good community of people and gardens at home).

B for beaches
The ninety mile beach is so endless that it amazes me even though it is only 55 miles away. And the first time I saw the black sand was on Himatani Beach. It was not all that inviting for the first impression. But somehow it grows on you and I look forward to seeing more volcanic sand beaches in the future.

C for Christchurch
It is a beautiful English-speaking garden city and gateway to Antarctica. The city center was once a magnificent place with piles of old stone buildings. According to my friends who went there after the quake, he was still in pretty bad shape. May the city be restored soon.

D for driving
In my opinion, I think New Zealand is a fantastic place to drive. Roads are wide, easy to read, plenty of parking, spacious parking lots and loads of friendly drivers. Somehow I don't have the confidence to drive anywhere other than New Zealand.

E for earthquakes
The February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch was a terrible disaster. The entire country is located at the top of the Pacific and Australian plate boundary, with piles of fault lines everywhere. Minor earthquakes occur daily. Let us keep our fingers crossed so that the great earthquakes do not strike again.

F for the Franz Josef Glacier
It's amazing to learn how glaciers form and it's even more exciting to climb a true glacier. Personally, I thought it looked best from below; It looks like a glow in the blue light and something like a running light. to you. The glacier is constantly flowing and changing every few days.

G for Glowworm
Arachnocampa species are endemic to New Zealand and Australia. The glow worms are not worms but the luminescent larval stage of the beetle. It can be seen in many places, but is more popular around the Waitomo and Te Ana-au caves in the North and South islands respectively.

H for Hangui and Haka
Hangi is the traditional Maori way of cooking using heated rocks buried in a pit. The meat tastes like a combination of smoked and grilled. Haka is a traditional Maori war dance. The most famous is from the All Blacks. The Haka military dance looks really fierce and somehow scary in real life.

I for Intercity
What would we do without InterCity buses in New Zealand? Yes, there are bare buses, but I love InterCity buses. Just because they usually have a few good timings a day, decent prices, comfortable chairs and cool places to stop. Great for long and short distances from cities to cities.

J for Jobs
There are a bunch of jobs in NZ, especially those related to nature. In the summer there are even more such jobs – from picking fruits and gardeners. Paying may not be fantastic, but with some minimum wage policy, it's definitely enough to live and play in NZ with a summer job.

K for Kaikoura
Whale watching, not found everywhere, but located here. Plus, see dolphins and seals on the road. Everything is spectacular, but all we see was a floating dark patch, which suddenly turned and the tail stuck (photo opportunity) and disappeared into the water. This is the essence.

L for LOTR
There is no visit to NZ without checking at least 1 movie site of The Lord of the Rings. My personal favorite is the Kiteoke Regional Park, which is a kit for Rivendell. The place looks magical in a lighter shade of green, even without any computer effects. I need to see it in real life to feel it.

M for Cook Mountain
The highest mountain in NZ at 3 754 m. There are heaps of walks around to see the snow-capped peaks, valleys, rivers and glaciers of Mount Cook. Although all the mountains look similar, I suppose there is a difference when the highest peak is in the country.

N for New Zealand
That doesn't mean it's a "ghost" point. Each country has its own beautiful history, culture and legends that are true to history. After the initial physical attraction (landscape and landscape), I fell in love with NZ coz of history (Maori and European stories) and personality (people and culture).

Oh for organic food
I used to love vegetables, but now I love them. Organic cherry tomatoes taste like chocolate candy! Freshly picked apple is so sweet and crunchy! The organic flavors of kiwi are different from those of the supermarket. Homemade lettuce taste of health and wellness. I've been transformed ever since.

P for people
The country is beautiful because of its amazing people. I love that Kiwis smile and have small conversations with each other everywhere. People help one another without racial discrimination. Most people give and trust. And it's such a relaxed and relaxed culture. A great place to retire!

Q for Queenstown
The strategically located resort town is surrounded by magnificent nature, from the mountain range to the lake. Most major attractions are just a short bus ride from Milford Sound to the first commercialized bungee jump, AJ Hackett. Parachutes and paragliders are also part of nature.

R for Rotorua
It is best known for its pungent sulfuric odor, but you will stop to notice it after a while. With so many exciting things to see and do, from the face at Hell's Geothermal Baths to the Zorbing, from biking to a padlock to downhill. The last thing in your head is the smell.

S for sounds
Milford Sound and dubious sound are actually fjords. NZ's most photographed location is the famous Miter at Milford Sound. Yes, it's so great to see it on foot, bus, cruise and flight. They probably miss the fact that this place is also full of sand flies and repelling insects is a must.

T for Taupo
The city is famous for extreme sports in the North Island, while the lake is the largest in New Zealand. It is just a little smaller than Singapore in surface area, Lake Taupo is 616 sq. Km and Singapore is 700 sq. Km. Strategically located along State Highway 1, this is one of my favorite stopping points.

U for you
Travel is only about the passenger, not the destination. It is easy to distinguish between a traveler and a traveler. One is frank, accepting, humble, gracious, imaginative, spontaneous and funny. The other is neither one nor the other.

V for the vineyard
For people who love wine, New Zealand has heaps of wineries, and wine tasting is the norm everywhere. Not a fan of alcohol, but the wine culture grows on me. I now drink a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc several times a year. Prefer this over cocktails, beer and alcohol.

W for Wellington
Not only is it the capital of New Zealand, it is also the southernmost capital in the world. Buy from emblematic structures here – from the famous Hive (House of Parliament) to the Te Papa Museum (the best museum in my opinion). Less known are the Weta Museum and the cable car.

X for Xtreme sports
According to those who love adventure, they said New Zealand was the place. It offers most extreme sports without the extreme environment and meteorological conditions. One guide told me that of all the extreme sports in the world, NZ offers half of them right here.

Y for youth hostels
Cheap, comfortable and cozy. It may not be a 5 star hotel with room service, but the price for a twin room with a private bathroom is more than sufficient. After all, we're not in New Zealand to stay in the room. Having lived in some really good youth hostels, this is my preferred option in NZ.

Z for the zoo
I was at the zoo in Auckland and it was really not a bad thing, since I am more a plant lover than an animal lover. Some friends have told me that zoos in NZ are a must-visit destination. In my opinion, Kelly Tartleton and the National Aquarium of New Zealand are also worth checking out.

This list is based on my personal experience and honest opinions. I hope you are inspired to see some of the highlights in New Zealand. There is nothing better than experiencing them yourself. Stories and sharing can't justify how great they really are until you try them out.