The benefits of using a taxi service


Whether you're visiting a new city or just waiting for your car to be repaired, you'll need a taxi at some point. Sometimes a taxi service is the most convenient, cost-effective transportation option. Knowing that a cabin is always an option, especially when you dock, you can do a lot to relieve otherwise stress. But even less sticky situations can prompt you to call this yellow sedan; Sometimes you just want someone else to take the wheel while enjoying a more intimate experience on the way to your desired destination.

Throwing a cab is easier than ever

Think of all those chickens from the 90s that portray the difficulty of taxiing in a big city. The main characters of the film approach and approach the curb on the tips of their hands, their hands swinging, playing. However, every cabin is always taken. This may have been the reality in the 1990s, but today it is hardly true. Using a taxi service is quite simple and convenient these days.

Most services list their phone numbers in the Yellow Pages as well as online. Customers can even book online by filling out a quick form. What's more, the new smartphone apps can connect you to a driver in no time.

These advances dramatically increase the likelihood of riding without having to throw a cab on the street before. You can now be sure that someone will pick you up from the doorstep or sidewalk.

Your car breaks down again

Using a taxi service is a relatively stress-free solution to all your travel needs. You can request a car a few days before your airport commute. For one-off trips such as grocery shopping, you can request a charge with a large rack. If you know you will need a cabin to drop by and pick you up from a restaurant, you can also arrange this.

The bus takes too long

You may worry about the cost. After all, taking a bus is seemingly cheaper. But have you thought about how long you might have to wait to reach your final destination with all the bus stops and the pace of the bus itself? Most bus stops don't land you exactly where you need to go. You still have to walk (sometimes long distances) to get to where you want to go.

Taxis are more convenient. You don't have to keep stopping and waiting for others to come in and out. In a taxi you can enjoy the ride and ride comfortably, knowing that the driver is responsible for identifying you when you arrive. You no longer need to hold your feet carefully! Plus, the cab will drive you right on the doorstep of your desired destination.

And in terms of price, most rates are relatively low (about $ 1 or $ 2 per mile), and many taxi services even accept credit cards.



New Uru-Gay Beckons


Although almost the smallest country in South America, Uruguay clearly has a big heart when it comes to gay visitors. Bordering Brazil to the north and Argentina to the west, Uruguay survived competition from Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro to become the preferred hot spot for gay vacationers from South America and now around the world.

With a land mass of only 175 square kilometers and a national population of 3.5 million people, nearly fifty percent of whom live in the capital, Montevideo, beautiful sandy beaches and hills inland, Uruguay offers a variety of holiday activities to this new wave of tourists.

Five years ago this month in 2003, the federal government passed a law that protects members of sexual minorities from physical and print homophobic abuse. This was followed in November 2007 with the recognition of same-sex civil unions at national level – the first country in South America to authorize gay unions. The age of legal consent is eighteen and homosexual acts in public are still gloomy, but the overall attitude in Uruguay is very gay.

The cities of Montevideo and Colonia plus the coastal resort of Punta del Este — Star of the Gold Coast — are the places where most of the gay-friendly and affluent businesses can be found. Although the Punta del Este Riviera is little known to North Americans, it has the power of the stars and rivals many other established gay destinations among smart gay jets looking for something a little different from the norm.

This small country has honestly earned its nickname Uru-Gay and your first visit will give you an opportunity to find out how this happened.

The capital, Montevideo, is rich in 18th-century Spanish history, when it was founded as a military fortress, and Ciudad Vieja – the Old Town — offers many examples of the original buildings erected by the first settlers. This is the most modern neighborhood of the city and comes to life after dark as the entertainment center of Montevideo. Among this historic neighborhood may be found the recent completion of the Sexual Diversity Park and the Gay and Lesbian Persecution Monument, opened in February 2005 in recognition of the persecution of gay and lesbian Nazis. It is located on Via Via, between Plaza de la Constitutio and Plaza Independencia. It is the first such monument in South America and only the fourth in the world after Amsterdam, New York and San Francisco. It was a great achievement that made the local gay community extremely proud to launch yet another demonstration of gay-friendly Uru-Gay people. Not surprisingly, you will also find many bars, restaurants and shops around the park.

Throughout the Old Town along cobblestone streets and amidst beautiful parks and beaches, there are many historic sites that provide hours of pleasure in walking and of course gastronomic temptations. The Port Market is a collection of sidewalk restaurants, bars and cafes offering local culinary specialties and wines. One local custom that is always sure to be a treat is Medio y Medio — a free glass of local champagne and wine (red or white) — to enjoy as you browse the menu. Of course, Uruguay is known for La Parrilla — local grilled meats — accompanied by a great variety of local vegetable dishes to complement your meal. You will also be pleasantly surprised by how good and cheap local wines turn out to be with a little advice from your waiter.

Next to the port market is the Perez Castellano pedestrian street, which allows you to enjoy the sights and shops without the noisy traffic and travel back in time through this old Spanish village in peace and quiet. Outside the Old Town, 18 de Julio Street celebrates Uruguay's Independence Day. It is a very long drive through the heart of Montevideo and almost every major attraction is close to this street. It is lined with parks, landscapes, monuments and breathtaking architectural examples of Bell and Art Deco buildings. The city of Montevideo publishes a very good hiking map that will allow you to see everything in just a few quiet days of walking and stopping to enjoy the sights.

At Plaza Independence Square in the heart of the city is the Placid Salvo gay bar and, by chance, the Canadian Embassy. Although gay bars in Montevideo do not open very late at night, the maple leaf flag flies on the edge of this playground 24/7! The other gay bar Cain — the oldest gay bar in town — is located at Cerro Largo 1833 in Arenal Grande. This bar is located in a huge heritage building and has many levels with three dance floors and is most popular with locals and visitors. Although there are only two gay bars in the city, there are numerous gay friendly establishments that you can also enjoy with a mix of straight, gay, bisexual and transgender patrons. Get ready for interesting times late at night in the early morning in this bustling city.

Of course, every city in the Southern Hemisphere bordering the Atlantic Ocean on one side and a large river mouth on the other should have some spectacular beaches and Montevideo is no exception. Close to the city center is Playa Ramirez and a short bus or taxi ride will take you to Playa Pochitos or Playa Malvinas. Pack a lot of sun lotion as the rays are very strong here and there is very little cloud cover in the winter months and the temperature is in the mid 30s. However, you will find plenty of beach bars and sidewalk cafes if you need to find some shade and refreshment.

Shopping in Montevideo offers a great variety of choices and prices are very low compared to Canadian prices. There are large chain stores, small boutiques, local craft shops, markets and of course leather factories. Make sure your plastic is ready for a heavy hit, as there will be many irresistible must-have items to discover as you stroll the charming city streets.

Finding gay accommodation in Montevideo is a challenge, but the La Puerto Negra Hostel is a charming gay bed and breakfast located within walking distance of the city center and the Old Town. The rooms are large, the historic building is charming and the prices are very reasonable. Otherwise, the choice is very gay and most room rates in Montevideo are very affordable, depending on your choice of accommodation style and location.

Outside of Montevideo, the small town of Colonia is just a short two-and-a-half hour bus ride and will provide a complete change of pace from the big city. Here you will find Portuguese-style architecture and cobblestone streets reminiscent of Lisbon, Portugal. The winding streets and colored houses are arranged in a pattern different from most Spanish colonial cities, and a delight to explore. The historic district, Barrio Historica, on a small peninsula flowing into the river, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1995. The town's history dates back to 1745 and you can see the historic bridge built at that time, Fara El Faro, built in 1857, or visit the Sunday Market in Plaza Mayor. A day or two in Colonia is the perfect way to see the other side of Uruguay's unique attraction and history. The city produces a large range of local textiles and has a free trade area that raises the already low prices.

Traveling northeast about 140 kilometers from Montevideo takes you to the high-quality resort town of Punte del Este on the Atlantic coast. This small coastal city with just over ten thousand inhabitants swells to a seasonal population of about one million people in the months of December to February. The beautiful beaches, casinos and entertainments attract many recurring visitors and new users, making sure that the South American Riviera is not missed. The gay community is growing and now includes hotels, bars, restaurants and shops for a complete gay vacation experience. The beaches here offer everything from sailing the Atlantic breeze through calm waters to relaxing and sunshine or surfing the waves. No trip to Uruguay is complete without a visit to Punta del Este and Monte Carlo style fun!

For a small country, you will be amazed at how much Uru-Gay has to offer and what an undiscovered and undiscovered gay vacation site you have found.

There is also a very experienced GLBT travel company specializing in Uruguay gay vacations, but headquartered in the United States, and they can be found on, providing vacation assistance anywhere in this small country with the big game welcome. They can arrange accommodations, tours, and special activities to fit your personal idea of ​​a perfect gay vacation.

Take a unique break in the Southern Hemisphere this winter and find out why everyone is talking about one of the smallest countries in South America with the biggest heart and welcome to gay vacationers.



How to Plan Your Next Vietnam Tour |


Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam holds a special place in my heart, every time I visit it, I thoroughly enjoy the culture and people who make Vietnam as it is. Traveling to North Vietnam and exploring the countryside while staying with locals in their homes is my particular favorite. If you have not tried home accommodation before, I would recommend finding a good Vietnamese travel company to help you. These companies work with local villages and help them attract tourists who help improve the standard of living of the locals and provide a source of income for their families. When looking for a Vietnam Tour company, be sure to see how they help the communities you travel to. Finding a travel company that gives back to their communities is very important. Some of the larger travel companies send buses to the main attractions and transport them before they can really get to know the people. Traveling to Vietnam with a travel company that will provide small tours on request is a much more personal experience and usually with a little exploration, these companies give a lot back to the communities that help to serve.

The average income in Vietnam is under $ 300 a month and many families rely on income from tourists to help them continue their lives and get their children through school. To me, there is nothing better than being able to help a family in your journey as they go out of their way to show you a good time and give you an idea of ​​their culture and lifestyle. So, when planning your next trip to Vietnam, consider planning a household.

Now I understand most travelers do not want a home for their entire vacation, there are many amazing hotels and resorts for you to stay and experience. Here are some of my best favorites.

1. Cruise on Ha Long Bay

Walking on the Ha Long Bay cruise is a must-have activity if you are traveling to Vietnam, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is an amazing place to explore and experience. Taking a 2 – 3 day cruise on Ha Long Bay is a great way to explore all it has to offer.

2. Tour of the city of Hanoi

A visit to Hanoi is a great way to experience the busy city life of North Vietnam. There are many wonderful attractions and places to visit and shop in the old neighborhood of Hanoi is a very unique experience, you just have to try. There are also dozens of amazing restaurants in Hanoi, some lined and very difficult to find. Don't be afraid to try new things, but keep in mind that our Western lifestyle is not accustomed to drinking water, so try to drink bottled water unless you enjoy living on the edge.

3. Hue, Vietnam

Hue, Vietnam is a special city with a lot of history in central Vietnam, there are many wonderful cultural events and a great history in this area. Visiting the Hue Citadel is a must-have if you are in Hue, and having lunch at a monastery is a great way to experience the culture and enjoy unique delicious food.

4. Hoi An, Vietnam

This special beach town is a great way to enjoy the beaches of Central Vietnam and pamper yourself. Some of the best resorts in the world are located in Hoi An, including Nam Hai, an incredible 6-star hotel that offers a luxury experience that you will find hard to find anywhere in the world. The beaches are great and it's a nice way to relax with your trip and spend a few days exploring the city and some of the local attractions.

5. Saigon, Vietnam

If you are in South Vietnam, you will have to visit Saigon, officially known as Ho Chi Minh, many people still refer to this city as Saigon. This city is more western than the others in Vietnam, but you can still experience a very unique culture and there are hundreds of amazing attractions to visit while you are here. There are some beautiful hotels that are very affordable to stay. Saigon is usually a great start and finish point for a tour in South Vietnam. There are many amazing small towns around Saigon that have the little personal experience many are looking for, but you can still enjoy the big city resorts and incredible dining options if you are not ready to spend all your time in smaller villages.

Well, there are many more amazing places to see when traveling to Vietnam, but there are some of the top 5. To learn more about Vietnam travel and everything you can see and do in this beautiful country, check out our website at We offer tips and tricks when traveling to Vietnam, as well as travel reviews and travel companies to consider when visiting Vietnam. I hope this article is helpful and that you can enjoy your next trip to Vietnam.



New York hotel deals – Tips for planning your next trip to New York and booking a hotel


Planning a trip to New York? Going to the Big Apple or spending time traveling around the country? Whatever your travel plans are, it's important to use the internet search tools to find New York hotel deals. Unfortunately, one thing NY is not aware of is low-cost hotels. That doesn't mean you can't find a good deal on one, or at least find a cheap one out of town.

If you already mean a specific area, check out all the hotels and guesthouses in that area. The more flexible you are with the dates, the greater the chance of getting a lower percentage. If you absolutely have to travel on a certain date, consider factors other than cost. For example, how close do you want to stay to the airport or Grand Central and Penn stations? The thought of taking a subway or a bus makes you feel restless, but don't have the budget to spend a lot of money on taxi fares? If so, then it is probably in your best interest to narrow down your search to a place you can reach relatively quickly and easily, not just from the airport or train station – but from every attraction you want to see.

While Midtown is the perfect destination for most tourists who want to get close to the best entertainment and shopping in New York, hotels are not the cheapest. Big names like Crowne Plaza Time Square, Hilton, Sofitel and Marriott Marquis are all around. In each one, it's worth staying if you want to be in the middle of all the action. If you want to get the lowest rate possible, wait until January (after New Year) and February (except Valentine's Day) to visit. They are the cheapest months to visit Manhattan.

Use transportation options to get better New York hotel deals

If you are confident that you are not lost and do not mind taking a submarine, you may want to look in areas other than Manhattan for hotel deals in New York. How about a two or three star hotel in Staten Island? The Bronx? Queens? Brooklyn? September is usually a cheap month for staying in Staten Island. Don't be afraid to try hostels or lesser known B&B. Because you will spend so much time outside to experience the city, all you really need is a warm, clean bed and a bath in a safe neighborhood.

As for other parts of the state, Albany and Rochester offer really good hotel deals in New York – especially the latter. Depending on where you book your room, you can find hotels in Niagara Falls for less than $ 110.



Family Vacation Tips – 6 Ways to Cut Your Cost During Your Family Getaway


Whether you're heading to the Bahamas, Hawaii, Alaska or a big city with your kids, there are always ways to save money here and there on family vacations.

Here are some budget tips to help you reduce family travel costs:

1. Consider staying in a dorm with access to a kitchen. You may not get your own kitchen, but do you really need one? Hostels can be very cheap and many are as clean as the average hotel. Even if you book two private bedrooms with multiple beds in a hostel, you will still pay less than you would for a hotel suite.

2. Keep track of the days for free admission. Most museums, national parks, gardens, zoos, etc. … have a free admission day at least once a month for one reason or another. All US National Parks have free admission for Veterans Day, MLK Junior Day, National Public Lands Day, and the first day of National Park Week. It's always a good idea to plan family vacations around these holidays.

3. Save on water, milk and juice by carrying reusable bottles wherever you go. Most public places, including airports and hotels, have water fountains, so you can simply fill bottles with free, clean water.

4. If you need to rent a car, keep in mind that family-type vehicles tend to cost more than an economical car. Look for discounts and promo codes whenever possible. Compare prices of several rental companies at once. Don't just choose the lowest price, take the time to read the terms of the petrol options, GPS, whether the seats are free or have extra costs, etc.

5. If you do not want to get involved with the hostel during family vacations, then stay at a hotel or resort where the children eat free. In the event that there is not a great deal of food available at the hotel or resort, at least stay near restaurants where children are offered free meals. Also, most hotels nowadays have mini fridges in every room. Go grab some groceries your first day there and take advantage of the fridge.

6. Travel Discount Sites are not just about saving airline tickets, cruises and rooms. You can often find promo codes and coupons that you can use for entertainment, tours, and other "things to do."

In conclusion

Keep these tips in mind when going on a family vacation. Any little you can save will really add up in a few days.

Online coupon codes and promotional offers are helpful for booking family vacations. You can use the tools on the site to not only find discount travel rates, but also to help you plan your route. There are many useful resources that are easy to use.



Six great reasons to turn your next vacation into a campsite


Remember the last time you shut down and got out of it all? It's nothing like the feeling of being in touch with nature, but so often today we think we are too busy to get back to our roots. Here are five reasons why you should take the time to go camping with your friends and family soon.

1. Exit the network

Today, technology is incredible. We have the entire library of information in the world at our fingertips and we can connect with each other in an instant. However, every once in a while, it's a good idea to opt out of the constant barrage of news, gossip, and updates and experience the outdoors. Camping is a great excuse to leave your tablet at home and enjoy the world.

2. Diversity

Sometimes you want something a little more engaged than another hotel with a concrete pool. There are great places to go camping almost everywhere, so it's ideal whether you want to stay close to home or travel and see different parts of the country! Plus, one of the best things about nature is that there is always something new to discover. Even the most seasoned campers can see things they have never seen before.

3. Save money

After purchasing all the equipment you need, the cost of camping is exactly what food you want to get! This is a great and inexpensive way to bring your family for a weekend of exploration and fun. Just for the price of s, mores, hot dogs and bottled water you have created lifelong memories.

4. Connectivity

With everyone's busy schedules, constant distractions, and a continuous list of cases, it can sometimes be difficult to make time for our relationships. Once you get into the quiet campsite, it will be easy to listen again. You will also find that bonding comes naturally when you work together to find the best camping site, collect firewood and set up your tent. Even the most sophisticated teenager will have fun once the toasted roses start to light up!

5. Nature

There's no denying it – the best part about camping is a return to nature. Take some time to enjoy the scent of the forest. Take a walk and see how many different species of wildlife you can spot. And even if you don't live in a big city, you'll be amazed at the difference in the night sky when the stars come out.

6. Exercise

With all the fun you will have and your family, the extra exercise you get is also an advantage! Hiking, boating and even getting up and moving around are all ways to be a little more active. And with all the calories you burn, the dish cooked over the fire will taste even more delicious!



Airport Transportation – 5 Benefits


Airport shuttles offer reliable and cheap transportation to and from airports in most major countries. The most common type of airport transportation uses the shared travel model, where passengers share the ride with several other passengers to reduce the cost to all. Some companies even offer luxury shuttle services to the airport, allowing passengers to share rides in limousines or private cars instead of standard passenger vans.

# 1 Effective Price

Transfer services across the country offer cheap airport shuttle services to passengers. With average rates between $ 15 and $ 25 per person, shuttles are a significant value compared to taxi and private car services.

# 2 Reliable

Most transportation services allow you to schedule your pick-up time and location online and then ensure that they arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled pick-up time. This reliability ensures that you will arrive at your airport or hotel on time.

# 3 More convenient than public transportation options

Most major cities offer public transportation options to and from hotels. Depending on the city, these options can range from buses to metro stations to trains. All of these options require passengers to carry their luggage to the required stop, leaving passengers tired and exhausted. Passengers may also be confused as to which stop is closest to their hotel. Shutters take care of passengers' luggage and lower passengers from the curb at their hotels.

# 4 Knowledgeable drivers

Most transportation services have courteous drivers who make the trip from the airport a remarkable affair. Along the way, landmarks and other attractions will be mentioned, making the trip to or from the airport a pleasant experience.

# 5 Luxury Options

Some cities, including New Orleans, offer luxury transportation services. These companies offer carpooling and limousine service, which gives passengers a greater experience. Although luxury vehicles are used, these luxury services are still available.

In short, be sure to research airport transportation companies when making plans to travel to a new city. You will save money and experience a number of benefits during your transportation.



Golden Triangle Tours – An amazing Northern India tour experience


A tour of the Golden Triangle is an attractive journey that gives you an idea of ​​the rich historical heritage of northern India. With three main travel destinations, the Golden Triangle package presents you with the most colorful, historic, cultural and architectural heritage of a bygone era. So if you are one of those who are interested in history, you will surely be moved by the magnificent architectural buildings, palaces, fortresses, traditions and cultures of these three places – Delhi, Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Agra (Uttar Pradesh),

After experiencing the most glorious historical events of the time of Muggle, Rajput and the British, India's Golden Triangle has evolved as a cultural hub for tourists seeking to get a taste of ancient Indian roots. Over the years, the number of tourists visiting these cities has steadily increased due to the fact that each of them offers its own unique blend of characters and practices.

First, you need to start this North Indian tour of the national capital, Delhi. Here you will see the various cultural heritage sites such as Jama Masjid, the Red Fortress, Qutub Minar, the Humayun Temple and the Lakshminarayan Temple, in addition to some Victorian British-era buildings.

Next in the journey comes Jaipur city. As this city was once ruled by different Mogol and Rajput dynasties, it shows the finest ancient Indian architectures. Filled with colorful and architectural wonders, Jaipur is also known for its traditional and religious practices. You will get acquainted with the main sights of this city as you visit the magnificent Havana Mahal, famous for its large windows that were once used by queens to view the daily routines of the city. In addition, the previous seat of the King of Jaipur Palace and the city of Ford Amber surrounding the mountain are the other major landmarks of Rajasthan's tours.

Moving to Agra, the third stop on this Golden Triangle tour, you will see the beautiful Taj Mahal, built by Lord Mogh Shah Jahan in 1653. This white marble mausoleum is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In addition, you will learn why this city is an expected destination for most tourists only when you visit other sights of the city such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Fatehpur Sikri and the Red Fort; also known for its stunning Mughal architectural splendor.

Today Indian tours such as the Golden Triangle tours have attracted the attention of tourists all over the world because of the presence of magnificent palaces, incredible historical monuments and varied topographic features, highlighting the diversity, culture and way of life of the countries. Therefore, you will also come back with an unforgettable tourist experience after you have been on this tour in Northern India.



The 5 best cities for street food for food lovers in the world


Looking for information on the best foods before planning a trip to any country? Do you like to try new and unique dishes every time you visit a new place? Are you someone who can give up the comfort of serving the table to enjoy a snack from a street shed or a stall? If yes, then I would say that you are reading the right information. In this article, I indulged in the top five culinary temptations around the world that they offer stunning street food which are both aromaticly enticing and blurry.

Istanbul, Turkey

Almost all cities in Europe can be seen serving sizzling Turkish kebabs to people. However, Istanbul, one of Turkey's largest cities, is recognized as fast food hub , with special gazebos scattered throughout Istanbul, without encroaching on even a single public spot. Simit (freshly baked sesame bread toasted with molasses), Balik-ekmek (usually flaky as fish sandwiches), Lammun (often referred to as Turkish pizza by visitors) and Kumpir (baked potato with garnish of things like Casar cheese, ketchup, sausages, etc. corn, mayonnaise, vegetables, olives, etc.) are some of the the best street food that people find it difficult to withstand their tempting aroma and delicious taste.

Mexico City, Mexico

This is pure bad luck if you are in Mexico City and do not have the chance to try the stunning street food in this capital city of Mexico. The place can offer much more than spicy tacos. Get ready to feast your taste buds on a variety of food that not only tastes thin, but is elegantly decorated on food stalls scattered from the beginning to the end of this beautiful city. The huge metropolis is made up of many special pavilions and taqueries boasting antioitos (street snacks) like Tostadas (deep-fried corn tortillas with a variety of garnishes), cakes (Mexican sandwiches), elots (roasted corn on a cob with garnish) and Flutas (flute rolled corn tortillas) street food who have received a devastating response from singles from different parts of the world. Taco pastor in El Huequito, Taco de guisados ​​in Taceria El Guero, Grilled meat in Los Parados and Late night taco in El Borrego Viudo are a few tax enclosures that you cannot miss if you are a fan of tacos. ,

Cheap hotels in Bangkok, Thailand

When it comes to cities with quality street food, the list is incomplete without Thailand the number one destination for street food lovers , This amazing city has over a hundred dining areas where you can enjoy elegant snacks while standing on your feet or sitting on sidewalks. Those with a sweet tooth can dive into the world of sweets and desserts served with noodles and grilled things in Bangkok. Fried bananas, sticky mango rice and palm leaf treatments are some of the celebrated Thai desserts around the world. Som Tam (Papaya salad), Guay Teow (Thai noodle soup), Pad Thai (shrimp, tofu and tamarind noodles), Moo ping (popularly known as grilled meat), etc., with some of the shiny dishes you have to wrap. up your journey.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

It would not be wrong to say that Ben Than and Bin Tay are considered & # 39; Leonid markets & # 39; of Saigon, another name for Ho Chi Minh City. You will have the opportunity to try eating dishes that are a perfect synthesis of French colonial cooking methods. Further oomph is added to the urban street food with spices and spices from Southeast Asia. Whether it's the popular savory soup, the pho you want to try or the ban (French colonial influenced sandwiches) you want to spread, the bash xeo (stuffed regional pancakes) you like, or more la (beef in a leaf), crave for this city is the perfect destination for personalized culinary tours. Never forget to sip on delicious spring rolls, crispy coconut milk cookies and seafood, some of Saigon's specialty street food specials.

Marrakech, Morocco

Overflowing with draperies, hookahs and ceramic tags The Old Generation Bazaar in Marrakech (known as Morocco) is home to some of the internationally renowned chefs who export exquisite dishes with specialized spices, cereals and delicious meats. Of course, you will be glad when you are in a large pile of olives and barrels of quality spices such as saffron, cinnamon, etc., but there are many more. You will easily find food stands offering scoops of escargots, seasoned meats and most of all Harira (traditional Moroccan soup made from tomatoes and chickpeas) at Djemaa el Fna Square. You can also quickly grab a bite of roast lamb, scum, special kebabs and more. Be sure to have a handful of dried fruits and nuts as you stroll the local streets of the magnificent city of Marrakech.



What to see and do at Molokai, Hawaii


Molokai is the fifth largest of the main Hawaiian islands and is approximately 38 miles long by 10 miles wide with a usable area of ​​260 square miles. If you are looking for the perfect vacation destination to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, this is where you want to be. Molokai offers spectacular terrain, pristine pristine beaches, local natives, and views of old Hawaii.

Let's start with the beaches. Sandy Beach is the most popular swimming beach in Molokai and has beautiful golden sand. It is reef protected and offers great views of Maui and Lanai. There are no facilities here, so they come prepared. Papohaku Beach is one of the largest beaches in all of Hawaii, 3 miles long and 300 feet wide. This is the ideal sandy beach for walking and sightseeing, but surfing conditions make swimming risky unless you're there in the summer. Alii Beach Park is the oldest public beach park in Molokai and offers safe swimming for people of all ages. It is located by the coconut grove on the outskirts of Kaunakaka. Halawa Beach Park has a beautiful black sand beach with a tropical lagoon and views of West Maui Mountain through the Pailolo Channel. Swimming is safe near the shore but facilities are minimal.

Go for a kayak or snorkel. You can get kayak lessons in Kaunakakay if you want to try something you've never done before. Molokai has some great snorkeling sites, such as fringe and fishery areas, where you can see green sea turtles and Hawksbill turtles. Sport fishing is popular on the island, as is whale watching. There is nothing as spectacular as seeing cat whales moving in the waters near Molokai. For the less adventurous Molokai there are also several golf courses at reasonable prices. Ironwood Hills in Kalae has a nine-hole golf course.

Visit Kallaudi for breathtaking views of the majestic sea cliffs that you can explore on foot or by mule. Damien Tours of Kalaudi offers guided tours of the extraordinary terrain through this National Historic Site. Visitors and tourists must be at least 16 years old. Take time to see the ancient Molokai fish farms built by Hawaiians centuries ago. Head to the port of Kaunakakai, where you can still see the stone formations of a home that belonged to Kamehameha V, called Malama. He ruled the Hawaiian Islands from 1863 to 1872. Explore history and see traditional Hawaii.

If you have the time, visit the 3,000-hectare Kamaku Reserve, located in eastern Kaunakakay. You will find lush forests and rare species of tropical birds, Kawawahie and Olomao. If you enjoy hiking, you'll find the Waikolu Valley and the famous sandalwood pit worth seeing.

Molokai is the Hawaiian island that best represents old Hawaii. It's the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy the quieter pace of island life. Explore the natural beauty that you will find everywhere in this island paradise and get everything, because nowhere else does it compare to what you will see on Molokai.