Cosmetic surgery in Mexico – travel and breast enhancement options

Health care costs are steadily rising at a rate far exceeding the average family income. With electoral surgeries and procedures outside the scope of insurance agencies, most patients are left with no viable options to afford care. Because of this terrible situation, people began to look for alternatives to healthcare abroad.

Medical travel, also known as medical tourism, seeks to solve this problem. To put it simply, many of the problems that have led to health care costs in the United States do not exist in other countries. In Mexico, the same procedures are offered by highly qualified doctors, but they are offered at a fraction of the cost. For someone who wants cosmetic surgery, Mexico has become the chosen travel destination.

Breast augmentation surgery is consistently ranked among the most desired of the elective procedures annually. Women who undergo this surgery often talk about a significant increase in their image and sexuality. Cosmetic surgery in Mexico at a reasonable cost has allowed thousands of women to shape their bodies to better fit their own image.

Of course, the biggest obstacle in medical travel is finding the right destination for you. Mexico offers some of the best places for cosmetic procedures because of its close proximity to the US, as well as the most up-to-date medical care and the variety of medical travel destinations available.

Pampers service

Cancun offers a unique take on medical tourism services. Not only are the latest cosmetic treatments available, but a unique holiday destination can provide a completely rejuvenating experience. One example of this is Perfection Eesthetic Hirurical Medical Spa, which combines specialized surgical and medical personnel with full spa and therapeutic services.

Located just one minute from Cancun's famous white, sandy beaches, Med Spa offers a wide variety of surgical and non-invasive procedures at a facility designed to make you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed with highly trained bilingual staff ready to take care of you all your needs.

Under the guidance of an internationally trained surgeon, the clinic provides cosmetic surgery for the face and body to help you look your best. Not only can you have breast augmentation, lifting, shrinking or a combination of bust line treatments at the clinic, you can add a spa-like element to your journey while enjoying treatments designed to give your skin younger , refreshed look like Botox, Fraxel laser skin reflexion, therapeutic ultrasound, thermal and more.

Many package deals are available that offer items commonly found in a vacation package such as transportation, medical services, spa treatments and concierge services. Cancun offers a unique opportunity for medical travel, which is one part surgery and one part vacation.

Relaxation facilities

Not every specialist is in a big city or a busy tourist destination. The City of Mexicali in Baja California, Mexico is home to Mexican Health, where the first thing you'll notice is the quiet. Mexicali is not a busy tourist town. A little slower and calmer. Mexicali is the type of place where you will know your doctor's name and your doctor will know yours.

The health system consists of two hospitals, the Hispano Americano Hospital and the Hospital de la Mujer. Literally meaning a hospital for women, this facility cares for and specializes in women's care. Cosmetic surgery is one of the focuses of the hospital. Featuring highly trained surgeons and a state-of-the-art facility that rivals all found in the US, Mexicali offers some of the best rates in breast modification surgery. Packages are available which include ground transportation, procedure and stay at the hotel.

Capital facilities

For those who want everything the big city has to offer, Angelis Tijuana Hospital may be your choice for cosmetic surgery in Mexico. The Angelis Tijuana Hospital treats more Americans traveling abroad than any other hospital in the world. Established in January 2006, Angelis Tijuana Hospital is located just minutes from San Diego, in a beautiful shopping district that has many amenities nearby, including an English movie theater and a handful of excellent restaurants to choose from – including many American favorites,

Ideally, Tijuana's medical facilities are in a unique position located at the US-Mexican border in the sister city of San Diego. A medical trip to Tijuana is probably the easiest option for cosmetic surgery in Mexico. A simple domestic flight to San Diego Airport makes travel easy. Patients with medical travel are then transported directly to the hospital with a special medical shuttle, ensuring maximum comfort and safety.

After all, the Mexican medical system opened many doors for Americans. Although the US system does not allow for healthy competition, medical travel provides patients with the opportunity to choose the best services for their particular situation.

There are a wide range of cosmetic surgery options ranging from breast augmentation, lifting, shrinking or a combination of procedures. Patients can expect the same treatment and expertise opportunities in Mexico as they find in the United States, combined with realistic prices that set the pricing of procedures back for many, medical travel is a unique solution to the American problem.


California Class History Tour Funded by Major League Baseball Player

Parker Lefton is a retired history teacher at Maclay High School in California, just outside of Los Angeles. He continues to work as an educator in his role as the volunteer coordinator of the Dedicated to the Dream Foundation. Gareth Anderson, a recently retired Major League Baseball player who has spent most of his career with the Los Angeles Angels, is a sponsor of The Designed to Dream Foundation. Anderson and his wife Teresa were once students at Maclay and since 2003 have actively funded and planned special projects at the school.

Gareth Anderson Foundation for Reading Reading Funds and Educational Excursions
The Dreamy Foundation is a source of funding for the Maclay Middle School Reading and Educational Travel Initiative. Each year, a group of students take an educational tour of the East Coast to Boston, New York or Philadelphia. Lefton also travels annually with a group of students to historic and geographical landmarks in California. "I feel it is important to expose the children to this school to the outside world. Many of the children who go to Maclay have not had the opportunity to go beyond LA," Lefton said.

Hunting for an educational travel company that offers flexibility
When he first started hunting for an educational travel company, Lefton said he was disappointed to find that many of the companies he interviewed had certain routes that were not changing. "I didn't necessarily like the tours that other companies presented," Lefton noted, "so I finally said yes to the company that was open to arranging the tour in any way." Educational travel consultants were ready to personalize the tour to fit his curriculum. The counselors work with teachers to create educational tours that further the teaching goals. Pre-packed tours of popular destinations are also available for school groups.

A student tour of California is being created
Lefton helped create a six-day tour of California. The journey begins at Maclay High School near Los Angeles, continues up through the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, stops at San Francisco Bay and Sacramento, and continues down the California coast through Monterey and Santa Cruz, then back to Los Angelis.

Students travel to Mount Sierra Nevada
Lefton wanted to embark on a tour of the country's geography. The school trip begins with a visit to Mamut Mountain, the site of an ancient volcano that erupted about 57,000 years ago. The students then move to nearby Lake Tahoe, another geographical marvel – a large and deep mountain lake that sits approximately 6,625 feet high and is located on the border of Nevada and California. While touring the area, students also visit the Coloma Valley, the place where gold was first discovered. This discovery sparked the 1849 Gold California Rush.

Tour of Sacramento and San Francisco Bay
After spending a day in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the school group headed west to Sacramento to visit the California State Railroad Museum, where they learned about the construction of the transcontinental railroad. This is where the first of two travel training exercises begins with the hunt for information. Students work in pairs to find specific information in the museum. The winners receive Target gift cards. During a visit to Sacramento, students also tour the Capitol Building in California, where they gain an idea and perspective on government.

The next route is the San Francisco Bay Area, where students visit Alcatraz Island Prison by boat, walk on the Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point Tour (old Civil War site), sightseeing of the Marine National Historic Park, and take a walking tour of Chinatown. In the evening, the student group dines at a fisherman's port restaurant.

Santa Cruz and Monterey
The next day, the school group moves south of the San Francisco Bay area and visits Santa Cruz, where they see one of California's mahogany forests and stop in Monterey, California's first capital. Here, students reflect on the Mexican period in California history, visit the Monterey Aquarium and see the Big Sur coastline from the view of Point Lobos Nature Reserve.

18th Century Mission Tour

On the way back to Los Angeles, the bus stops at Moro Bay, where a tour of the Natural History Museum offers a visual and educational tour of the coastal area. At their last stop, they go around the La Purisima mission, a beautifully preserved example of a mission as it would have been in 1800. Part two of the information search happens at La Purisima, where students are tasked with finding specific details about the mission's history while they are on tour.

Competing for a place on the California tour

Funding restrictions do not allow all Maclay High School students to attend this grant-funded trip. Thus, Lefton and Anderson created an academic competition with winners awarded on the spot in the California tour. The competition helps them strive for better grades and also includes the element of luck. Students receive drawing tickets for each acceptable grade in grades A, B and C. "The more good grades they get in the first semester at school, the more tickets they need to get into drawing," says Lefton. Fourteen names were extracted from all records and these happy students traveled around their home state.

This unique journey was created because a history teacher wanted to develop an educational tour that would allow students to engage in some active knowledge of their native state. The California tour is ambitious at all the sites it covers. Students studying history, geography and social studies in California will benefit from a trip designed this way, or even one that is quite similar. The tour can be reduced to three or four days instead of five or six and still offers many training opportunities.

For more information on planning a student trip to California, visit or email


Alamo Car Rental Guide – What You Need to Know About Bookings, Payments and Cancellation Terms

In 1995, Alamo became the first car rental company to offer customers real-time online reservations. In 2005, it became the first in its industry to develop a digital registration system. It has expanded its services to the rest of the world and promoted partnerships with travel agents, airlines, tour operators and other travel-related organizations. Whether you need to go on a business trip abroad or want to spend a week on the beach with your family, you can't go wrong with a car rental in Alamo.

Choose from luxury city cruise cars, Toyota or Dodge to drive your family around, rugged off-road jeeps, and more. Unlike many other rental companies, the minimum age with Alamo is 21, not 25. In some states, like Michigan and New York, it's 18. However, keep in mind that there may be an additional charge for age drivers between 18 and 24 years.

If you book a rental car at an airport, be sure to enter your airline and flight number at the ticket office so that customer service agents can prepare your vehicle, even if the flight is delayed. It will be held for twelve hours after the scheduled pick-up time or by the end of the day. A second driver can be added for an additional charge per day (price varies depending on location).

Not familiar with the area you are traveling to? Consider asking for a GPS navigation device with our rental car in Alamo. TravelTab is also available if you want voice-activated navigation and 4G data service for up to 5 devices.

Alamo Car Hire One Way And Savings

If you are traveling to another area, Alamo offers one-way rental services. You may be charged a "long distance" fee, which varies depending on the location and time of year. Also known as a "cancellation fee", it will be announced during the booking process. It is recommended to book one-way rents in advance.

Traveling with your fluffy friends? Pets are allowed in Alamo car rental as long as they are kept in a carrier. If they are not stored in a carrier, you may be charged for cleaning and detailing fees. Only service animals for disabled persons without a carrier may be kept in the vehicle.

There are several ways to save. For example, an Alamo rental car discount will apply if you make a prepayment with a valid credit card at least 24 hours in advance. The payment option appears in advance when choosing a car during the online booking process. A prepayment discount is not always available at every place.

One of Alamo's best partners can be found online; discounts are provided on a regular basis. You can compare prices, vehicles and offers. You can also choose to combine your Alamo car rental with a plane ticket and hotel room.


Russia Gold Ring – Guidebook

WHAT IS IT: The so-called "Gold Ring of Russia" is a symbolic ring that connects historic cities and cities to the northwest of Moscow. They represent 1000 years of rich Russian history, written in stone and wood, from an 850-year-old church in Rostov to a 19th-century log house in the Suzdal outdoor museum. Each of the "golden" cities ever played an important role in the history of Russia and is connected in one way or another with famous historical figures such as Alexander Nevsky, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and many others.

WHAT TO SEE: The cities and towns of the Golden Ring are listed here in alphabetical order:

Alexandrov (founded in 1530, population 68,000) – The city is located 100 km from Moscow at the crossroads of ancient roads of Russia's largest historical centers – Vladimir and Suzdal, Rostov and Yaroslavl, Sergiev Posad and Pereyaslav-Zaleski. From 1564 to 1581 the town was the residence of Ivan the Terrible. The first publishing house in Russia was established in Alexandrov in 1576. One of the leading textile centers for textile production in Russia in the 19th century.

Bogolyubovo (founded in 990, population 4000) is a small quiet town near the city of Vladimir. The city is named after the Russian prince Andrei Bogolubsky (God-loving), who built the first fortified settlement here in 1165. Tourists can see the remains of Ander Bogolubski's residence, including some 12th-century residential chambers and the beautiful Church of the Protection of the Virgin Mary (Nerd). 1165), which is considered one of the finest examples of ancient Russian architecture.

Gorokhovets (founded in 1239, population 30,000) – The city was founded by Vladimir Prince Andrei Bogolubski. The town is picturesquely situated on the high bank of the Klyazma River. He played a role as a fortified pre-bloom until the 1600s. In the 17th century it reached its development as a local center for blacksmithing, textiles and leather goods, as well as an agricultural center for grain and flax.

Gus-Khrustalny (founded in 1756, population 80,000) – More than 200 years ago, a merchant built the first glass-casting shop here. Today the city is one of the regional centers of the Vladimir region, well known in Russia and abroad as a national center for glass production. The name Gus-Krustalny can be literally translated as the Crystal Goose. The old part of the city has been a working village since the 1900s. with its own church of St. Joachim since 1816.

Holui (founded in 1650, population 1000) – The village of Holui began producing lacquered miniatures only in the 1930s, and although iconography was an important trade in the region in previous centuries, Holui was never associated with any a specific artistic tradition. Rather, the Cholu miniatures share some features with both Palekh's and Mstera's art, but still maintain a peculiar lyrical quality. Sometimes, as with Paleh's miniatures, Holui's miniatures will include some fine gold and / or silver ornaments within the painting, and Holui painters can create fantastic ornaments on a border equal to those of Paleh.

Kostroma (founded in 1213, population 300,000) – In the past, Kostroma was known as the "flax capital of the north"; it has delivered to Europe the best canvas in the world. The city is also called "the cradle of the Romanov dynasty". Mikhail Romanov, the first of the Romanov dynasty, left the Ipatiev monastery for Moscow in 1613 to become king of Russia. During the Polish intervention in the turbulent years of the early seventeenth century, Kostroma was a significant support for the resistance movement. Today Kostroma is an important industrial center (textile, metal products), the capital of the province of Kostroma.

Mstera (founded in 1628, population 6,000) – the town bears its name from the small Mstjerka River, which flows through it, merging with Kliazma. It is located in the Vladimir district, but not far from the border with the Ivanovo district, south of Palekh and Hollow, breathtakingly beautiful nature – the one that forms the background of his paintings. Mstera was a respected icon-making center until the prohibition of trade after the 1917 revolution. Since then, its artists have created world-renowned masterpieces in the form of lacquered miniatures.

Murom (founded 862, population 145,000) is one of the oldest Russian citations extending along the left bank of the Oka River. The name of the town comes from "Murom", one of the Finno-Ugric tribes who lived here 15 centuries ago. Every Russian knows the name of Ilya Muromets. He was a mythical epic hero defending the people of Russia, and later became synonymous with a superior physical and spiritual strength and integrity dedicated to defending the homeland. The city has experienced three Mongol invasions. In the 17th century, Murom became an important center of various crafts – construction, painting, saw.

Palekh (founded 1600, population 6000) – The village is located about 400 km (250 miles) from Moscow in the Ivanovo area. In the 15th century, it was one of the first centers of trade in icon-painting. After the communist upheaval of 1917, when the iconic business collapsed, craftsmen from Palermo tried to decorate wooden toys, utensils, porcelain and glass. Nowadays, the name of Palekh is almost synonymous with the art of Russian lacquer.

Pereslavl-Zaleski (founded in 1152, population 45,000) – one of the oldest Russian cities, the birthplace of the famous Russian prince Alexander Nevsky, who defeated an army of German knights in 1242. Zaleski means "behind the woods." It is there that, behind the dense forests, the ancient Slavic tribes retreat, seeking refuge from hostile nomads coming from the Southeast.

Ples (founded in 1410, population 4,000) – this lovely little historic town is located on the banks of the mighty and beautiful Volga River. During the reign of Ivan the Terrible Dance was one of the largest suppliers of river companies to the kings & # 39; court. In the 18th-19th centuries the city became known as a popular resort and was often called "Russian Switzerland" because of its beauty of nature. Numerous Russian artists, including the famous landscape master Levitan, came here to work.

Rostov the Great (Rostov the Great, founded in 862, population 40,000) – another pearl of ancient Russian culture. In ancient Russia, only two cities were called big ones. One was Novgorod, the famous trade center in northern Russia, the other was Rostov. In the 12th century, Rostov expanded to Kiev and Novgorod in size and importance. Modern Rostov is a sleepy old town with several magnificent buildings next to the shallow lake of Nero.

Sergiev Posad (founded in 1345, population 115,000) – the spiritual center of Russia, the residence of the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, where the remains of the first national saint, Sergei Radonezh. At the heart of Sergiev Posad is a well-preserved magnificent architectural ensemble of more than 50 historic buildings, as well as magnificent art collections, including old Russian painting and treasures in the vaults of the former Troyan Monastery.

Suzdal (founded in 1024, population 12,000) – this small tranquil town is a real gem, one of the most beautiful in the collection of cities and towns of the Golden Ring. In the 11th century, Suzdal became the first precursor of Christianity in northeastern Russia and greatly influenced religious life in Russia until the late 19th century. Here you can find over 100 church and secular buildings from the mid-12th to mid-19th century, crowded over an area of ​​9 square km.

Uglich (founded in 937, population 38,000) – the city was built on a major commercial route. In his story, Uglich survived the destruction of the Mongols and survived the devastation of fires and sores. Uglich is known for Russia's darkest secret – the death of young prince Dimitri, son of Ivan the Terrible, often called Tsarevich (heir to the throne) Dmitri. The city center is also a historical and architectural landmark. The streets are wide, with different churches standing side by side.

Vladimir (founded in 1108, population 400,000) – one of the oldest Russian cities, was founded by Russian Prince Vladimir Monomakh on the banks of the Klyzma River. The city really flourished in the 12th century during the reign of Prince Andrei Bogolubski, who strengthened his defenses, welcomed architects, painters, jewelers from other countries, built new palaces and churches so magnificent that travelers compared them to those of "the mother of all Russian cities "- Kiev. Until the middle of the fourteenth century, the city was the administrative, cultural and religious center of northeast Russia.

Yaroslavl (founded in 1010, population 600,000) – According to legend, it was founded by the famous Russian prince Yaroslav the Wise as a fortified settlement on the Volga River. After a huge fire of 1658 that turned most of the city into ruins, Yaroslavl was restored to stone and reached the apex of its architectural development with palaces and churches richly decorated with beautiful murals and ornaments, thus winning the title " Florence of Russia ". Today it is a quiet metropolitan city, one of Russia's largest regional centers, the capital of the Yaroslavl province and one of the most beautiful cities of ancient Russia.

Yuriev-Polsky (founded in 1152, population 20,000) – was founded by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky (who also founded Moscow in 1147) and was named after himself. The second word "Polish" means "among the fields" as it is located in the heart of fertile and flat Suzdal land. These beautiful landscapes inspired great artists and writers such as Repin, Tyutchev, Odoevsky, Soluchin. 18th Century Local Textile Center.

HOW TO GET THERE: A plane to Moscow. From Moscow, you can travel to the cities and towns of the Golden Ring, either by tourist bus or by river cruise ship. The last option limits the number of cities you can visit as they must be located near the Volga River. We recommend that you take a bus tour for 3 to 10 days, depending on your stamina and level of interest in Russian history. A typical 3-4 day tour of Moscow covers up to 7 cities and towns of the Golden Ring. You travel during the day on a comfortable bus with a well-trained English speaking guide and overnight in hotels with Western services (usually 3 stars). A tour of the Golden Ring can be perfectly combined with a 2-3 day program in Moscow. Almost every major travel agency in Moscow sells Golden Ring tours and it is much cheaper to buy them on the spot in Russia, then buy a tour included in a vacation package from Europe or abroad. Communication is not a problem, these officials at reputable agencies in Russia today speak English.

WHEN TO USE: The best season to travel to Russia is the summer, June to August, the warmest time of year there. Rain is common in the summer, be sure to pack your umbrella. The weather can be unpredictably cold, even in the European part of Russia, so grab some warm clothes. You can check the weather forecast for Moscow next week here.

TRAVEL TIPS: Passport and Russian visa are required to travel or travel through Russia. To learn more about obtaining a Russian visa, please visit the website of the Russian Embassy. Without a visa, passengers cannot register at hotels and may be required to leave the country immediately on the route they have taken on behalf of the passenger. Russian customs officers strictly comply with the provisions of the documents, so travelers are advised to have all the documents in order. It is also recommended that additional copies of your passport and visa be kept in a safe place in case of loss or theft. Older passengers and those with existing health problems may be at risk due to inappropriate healthcare facilities. Doctors and hospitals often expect immediate cash / dollar payments for Western-style health care services, so supplementary medical coverage with specific coverage abroad is very useful. Travelers should make sure that all immunizations are up to date, especially for diphtheria and typhoid fever. The quality of tap water varies from city to city, but is usually quite poor. Only boiled or bottled water should be drunk throughout Russia. Crime against foreigners in Russia continues to be a problem, especially in major cities. Pockets of choice, assaults and robberies are selected. Foreigners who have drunk alcohol are especially vulnerable to attacks and robberies in or around nightclubs or bars or on the way home. Robberies can occur in taxis shared with strangers. Keep in mind that public laundries are hard to find and you usually have to pay there. To use a public phone, you will need a token or a local card. International calls cannot be made by street telephones. Your mobile phone will work in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but rarely in regional cities. A taxi fare should be discussed with the driver before traveling.

In big cities you can rent a car if you don't mind the relatively rough road conditions, a few headaches to find gasoline, get lost from time to time and pay a high rental price. Public transport in Russia is quite good, cheap and easy to use, though sometimes overcrowded. Restaurants rarely have an English menu. Typing is expected but not required. English signs are common on the streets of Moscow and other major cities. In big cities, it's not hard to find a passerby to answer your questions in English. Electricity throughout Russia is 220 volts / 50 hz. The plug is a two-wire thin European standard.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!


How to Enjoy the Best Tours in Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It is located in the northwestern part of the country, on the shores of the Bosphorus, which physically divides Europe and Asia and offers the privilege of being the only city in the world to belong to two continents. Although the capital city is Ankara, Istanbul has a major role in the country's industry, trade, culture and tourism.

We are undoubtedly facing one of the most fascinating places on the planet. Too Western to be an Asian city, full of contrasts, cultures, sounds, colors, flavors, smells … Magically and wonderfully chaotic and too Eastern to be European. Churches, mosques, palaces and synagogues coexist in perfect harmony, giving the city a very unique and distinctive beauty. Istanbul Tours for tourists offers visitors a breathtaking view of the beautiful city, combined with nature and beauty. Its numerous attractions make Istanbul one of the most visited cities in the world.

The passage of the Istanbul Museum

Istanbul Tours for tourists allow free access to a wide range of city sites such as Saint Sofia and Topkapi Palace. Not only that, these tours also offer discounts for select restaurants, shops, activities and museums.

The Bosphorus

A huge number of visitors to the mesmerizing city choose to take a boat trip on the Bosphorus. These scenic cruises flood the straits, highlighting the architectural buildings of Roumeli Hasari Fortress and the coastal village of Arnavtok. These destinations are not expensive at all and also offer ferries traveling to places along these waterways. One can also go on daily tours of Istanbul for maximum pleasure and fun.

Cafe Pierre Loti in EYUP Hill

The beautifully appointed cafe offers incredible views of the sunset to the spectators along with the Golden Horn; you can enjoy tea or smoke hookah. There are different ways to reach it, it is very likely that the Turks will reach Eyup; you can take the lift or enjoy a physical stroll through the cemetery.

The Tower of Leandro, Kiskulesi, or Princess

If you want to get to the Asian countries by ferry from Eminonu, then take a stroll and there is a boat that takes you. Enjoy a visit to the tower and take panoramic photos, the place will make you feel as if you are in the middle of the Bosphorus. You can also take the opportunity to drink Turkish coffee or indulge in dinner.

Galata Tower

Get ready to draw a long line, but its panoramic view is exceptional. The clock rotating clock is huge and beautiful in itself.

Tour the Grand Bazaar for fun, but make a purchase from the Egyptian Bazaar, it's a little cheaper and better. The Suleiman Grand Mosque is near the port, be sure to confuse it with the New Mosque which is in front of the port.

Get ready for the big Turkish sport: gambling!

It's exciting; first, you should contact if you are interested in a product without having to worry because it will be your cancellation. The seller will tell you the qualities of the product and ask for value. Even if it seems reasonable, make sure you remove the price by half or 30% of what was originally requested. Turkey is prosperous and prosperous, and traders are very good.

Hope! The above tips will help you enjoy the best tour in Turkey so far!


The first guide for tenants of luxury condominiums

The travel industry seems to be gracefully maneuvering in major changes to the way they do business, and perhaps one of the biggest changes they have to navigate is the popularity of luxury condominiums. The heyday of hotels, motels and highways seems a little further when you consider the affordable luxury that an average traveler can get for about the same amount of money.

This is the biggest part of the changes in the tourism industry – this is the bottom line. Now, let's be clear that running a successful, caring business is totally cool. But as with any business, once a consumer has established that he or she has the advantage of getting what they want, businesses really need to work hard to stay in the game. Luxury condominiums are simply turning into a number of other unconventional lodging options that travelers can take advantage of.

But what if you never thought of renting a luxury floor? You may have never heard of one, but now that it's on your radar, you want to see if it's right for you and your family.

Here's a quick guide to get you started:

All about what the family wants versus what they need – Luxury condominiums are not just one type of residence. You have options depending on your budget. The hard part is deciding what you and your family want from your employees digging for the duration of your trip. What amenities are absolutely necessary and which ones can kick rocks? It's a difficult way to open up a conversation about travel, but it makes a big difference.

Near the action … Maybe – Insiders in the tourism industry seem to be arguing over this. Some note that if you stay closer to the action in your destination city, you will probably pay more for everything, including your condo. Then again, others indicate exactly the opposite. All this really means is that if you find an apartment that you really like and seems to have everything you want, call and check the rates just in case.

Size and age of the group – It may seem a little personal, but understanding the diverse group you are traveling with will help you narrow down your choice of luxury condominium. Considering that there are usually flexible floor plans, you should be OK. You should definitely consider the age of the travelers. If you have teenagers traveling with young children and having sex, you'll be competing with three very unique schedules.

Be a smart user “It may seem like we are trying to be good users before, and this is the furthest thing from the truth. You want so much money for dollars when you travel, and there is no better way than finding a great price for your accommodations. The Internet will be your best friend, but remember to actually call a condo. This is a lost art, but it will allow you to ask for any discounts that may come with the membership you have.

Luxury condominium properties certainly look like the perfect way to spice up your old family vacation, and with so many options to choose from, it's definitely worth considering when planning your next getaway.


Five places to visit in Texas with your true love

If you are in love and live in the Lone Star State, you will no doubt find yourself almost stunned at the almost endless number of places to visit in Texas. There is no better way to show your true love how much you care than to find the right place in Texas to spend a day, weekend or longer together without worrying. You really can't go wrong.

Or can you? As noted above, Texas is large and there are a number of places you can visit with your significant other, but trying to find the right place can make you feel like a haystack. How would you get started?

First, do not panic. You two lovers have conquered more in your relationship than choosing where to go on a romantic getaway. I understand you. The key to getting started is knowing what your sweetie likes. It's that simple. Next, find the right balance between spontaneity and careful planning when you can both go together. Finally, keep it simple. It's important to remember that romantic getaway is for you and your true love.

With all that said, if you are really vague and afraid of dying, you will really go wrong, here are some places to keep in mind when planning your next romantic date:

Brennam, Texas – Busted between Houston and Austin, Brenham is undoubtedly a Texas city that allows you to connect with the world around you and focus on your loved one. You have close proximity to stellar wineries, magnificent wildflowers, Blue Bell ice cream, history and small-town charm.

South Padre Island, Texas – Although mostly known as a party destination, during times of emergency, this area is a place of relaxing getaway for residents (mostly families) on the southern tip of Texas, known as the Rio Grange Valley. There is more to this place than Spring Break. Enjoy the gentle breeze of the waves with the one you love while walking on the beach at sunset.

Austin, Texas "Why not check out the Texas capital?" From architecture, diversity in culture and a thriving music scene, you'll see exactly why this Texas city is so big on the international stage. If you and your significant other are eclectic, hip and all about losing to a unique culture (the mantra of the city is "Keep Austin weird"), Austin is for you.

Fredericksburg, TX If you are looking for a true Texas city with a rich history, full of culture, adjacent to big cities with a short drive and planted firmly in Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg is the premier destination. This is one of the most popular places in Texas for couples to visit and when you get there, you immediately understand why.

Texas Road Road “Some might consider this a little cop, but truth be told, you can follow the list of cities in Texas and highlight something really incredible about them. Why not make a few mixed CDs or playlists on both of your favorite songs, pack a bag or two, and get on the road? Experience adventures as they come.

There are many places to visit in Texas. It is a matter of finding the right one for you and your true love. The good thing is that as long as they are next to you, you are golden.


4 myths that you can dispel and travel Kenya safely

You don't have to be scared to go on a safari. When CNN described Kenya in 2015 as a "hotbed of terrorism", it highlighted some of the crazy myths that must be overcome to prevent travel to Kenya. I want to tackle some of these myths to help calm your mind and feel confident about experiencing the bucket list safari you've always wanted. This will not be a marketing spiral; I live in Kenya so I know the good, the bad and the ugly and will share it with you.

Myth 1: Kenya is full of terrorists

CNN's description of Kenya was the least bit weird. Kenya suffered several terrorist incidents in 2013 and 2014, the most notable of which was the attack on Westgate Shopping Center. However, most of the activities were of a much smaller scale – grenades thrown at bus stations, churches and night clubs. Two major attacks occurred in April 2015 at Garrison University and in January 2019 at DusitD2. Al Shabaab, affiliated with the Al-Qaeda group in Somalia, is reported to be the main offender.

Unfortunately, terrorism is everywhere today, everywhere. Over the last five years, we have seen attacks in Paris, Sydney, Brussels and Istanbul. But travelers are still flocking to these places.

Fifty million people survive in Kenya every day, so your chances are pretty good that you will come out alive. Kenyans want peace as much as the next person. In addition, the parts of Kenya that you, as a traveler will often be, are not terrorist targets – there have been no attacks against national parks or game reserves so far. There is a terrorist risk near the Somali border and in parts of Nairobi.

The current advice from the Australian Government is that only some areas are dangerous, not the whole country. And dangerous areas do not arouse much interest in ordinary safaris.

Myth 2: Nairobi is the Most Robbery

A decade ago, theft, armed robbery and harassment were relatively common in Nairobi, earning the city the nickname "Most Robbery." But one mayor has done a lot of work with the street boys and nowadays Nairobi is as safe (or risky) as any other major city in the world. claims that the crime in Nairobi is "opportunistic, indeterminate, comparable to other world capitals." The crime rate has been decreasing every year since 2012 according to Standard Digital.

I have lived in Nairobi for five years and have never been physically attacked. One night my phone was grabbed – but in the evening I was walking downtown talking on my phone; I was completely guilty. However, everyone who saw the thief chased him and I got my phone back! Nairobi themselves are tired of crime in their city, especially foreigners, because they don't want travelers to have a bad experience in Kenya

Myth 3: Corruption is complete and foreigners are targeted because they are thought to have more money

I cannot say that corruption is not complete. That's right, but as a tourist you are unlikely to meet him. If you book a full-package safari, there will be little chance for the police or any other employee to ask for a bribe. Tourists are rarely targeted. Foreigners are not an easy target because we tend to ask too many questions and do not always understand what is really going on. It is not our habit to slip a little money into the door handle of a traffic cop, for example. Emigrants involved in corruption mean that crime continues to go unpunished and Kenya's development remains spontaneous. The phrase "When in Rome …" should not be used for bribery and corruption.

President Kenya is saying the right things to clean up corruption in Kenya, but it will make a huge difference. However, there is certainly no reason to avoid a Kenyan safari!

Myth 4: Tour operators are dishonest and you will lose your money if you pay in advance

Yes, there are some briefcase businesses, but in this age of the internet, you can certainly do your own best and avoid fraud. There are many online review sites and many allow you to contact reviewers directly to ask about their experience. Use Trip Advisor, do your research, check prices.

The tourism industry has suffered greatly over the last decade (because of the myths I write about here!) And tour operators are desperate to just make a sale. But if your package includes park fees, see if the total price can cover those fees. For example, it's $ 80 for a 24-hour ticket to Maasai Mara. So if you book a two-night safari to Masai Mara for $ 200, you can do some simple math and calculate that $ 160 is for park fees, leaving only $ 40 for transportation, lodging and food. Fees in the park are public information, so you can do some rough calculations. If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is! Either your carrier pays bribes at the park gate, or your car is unsupported, or your food will be out of the ordinary. Or you could pick up all three! Please, this does not help combat Kenya's corruption to encourage your tour operator to pay bribes at the gate so you can get into the park cheaply.

The Kenya Tour Operators Association and the Kenyan Ministry of Tourism are also working hard to put in place anti-fraud measures.

Sensational media is destroying Kenya's core industry and the economy is suffering. So, if the African safari is on your bucket list, look beyond the headlines and see Kenya for the amazing country it really is.


Top 12 Things To Do For Free In Los Angeles

As the largest city on the West Coast and home to Hollywood, the City of Angels can look like a playground for the rich. However, the appearance can be deceiving. As many tourists and visitors to the city understand, Los Angeles has many activities that are not dented in your wallet. In the following selected list you will find the top 12 things to do for free in Los Angeles.

1. Rodeo Drive

This is an exclusive shopping district with exotic brands and exclusive private boutiques. Rodeo Drive was made memorable by the Honorable Julia Roberts in the movie Beautiful Woman. Since then, hordes of visitors have visited the site to look at their favorite celebrities and browse the shops. There is no compulsion to shop, and most store owners are used to tourists.

2. Griffith Observatory

Located on the tip of the south side of Mount Hollywood, the Griffith Observatory offers stunning views of the city and surrounding areas. While the planetarium shows expensive money, visitors can enjoy the grand hiking and biking trails and take advantage of some of the best photo ops in this massive city park. Other attractions include the Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the iconic Hollywood sign and an impressive museum of selected exhibits.

3. Venice beach

When it comes to free activities in Los Angeles, a trip to the iconic Venice Beach is among the top attractions. While the city of Venice was inspired by Venice, Italy, the beach has already acquired an excellent California identity. Dozens of tourists come to the beach to enjoy the sunbathing, the famous sidewalk and the opportunity to see all the funky and eclectic characters around.

4. Santa Monica

It's no exaggeration to say that Santa Monica Beach is one of the most iconic in the US. Visitors to Santa Monica are rarely short of activities and things to see with some of the most eye-catching street performers, spectacular nightlife and soft sandy beaches. The well-known wharf and Ferris wheel also deserve mention.

5. Getty Center

Top 12 Things to Do for Free in Los Angeles-5 Created by the legendary Richard Meyer, the Getty Center is undoubtedly one of America's most iconic landmarks. The center is home to some of the most exalted works of art from around the world. Whether it's Baroque sculptures or Renaissance artworks, visitors can expect some of the most captivating and intriguing masterpieces in downtown Getty. Magnificent city views are an added bonus.

6. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Visitors to Los Angeles will miss something if they do not take the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Constantly ranked among the funniest things to do at LA for free, the walk is who's who of Hollywood. As a bonus, you can also visit the TCL Chinese Theater, where some of the most iconic Hollywood movie star handprints can be found.

7. Walt Disney Concert Hall

This is another architectural masterpiece right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. This Frank Gehry masterpiece has been credited with transforming the cultural landscape of the otherwise boring LA Center. Visitors can choose to listen to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra or simply take a guided tour of the venue, which is offered free of charge.

8. Sunset Boulevard

This magnificent place has been immortalized in a number of Hollywood films. Obviously one of the most recognized thoroughfares in the US, Sunset Boulevard offers visitors a glimpse into the brilliant lifestyle of Hollywood who's who. This charming palm-lined strip has now become a lively nightlife center with several eateries and live performances.

9. Hollywood Cup

The Hollywood Cup is a beautiful outdoor amphitheater that has been adorned with some of the biggest names in the music world, including the Beatles and Madonna. Visitors can expect an exceptional musical experience in this surreal setting. In addition, the museum of the site has impressive works of art and monuments showing its history.

10. Runyon Canyon Park

For those who cannot get enough trails and views to die for, there is no better place than Runyon Park. Located minutes from Hollywood Boulevard, visitors to the park can enjoy sweeping and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and the San Fernando Valley.

11. Big Central Market

This is a downtown LA foodie paradise with over 30 vendors serving taco to ramen noodles. Plus, it's open every night until 10pm, so there are plenty of places to enjoy a late dinner or grab a craft brew.

12. Bradbury Building

This is the oldest commercial building left in L.A., but this building is not a tourist attraction. With its beautiful, light-filled central atrium that rises nearly 50 feet high, marble stairs and ornate iron railings, the Bradbury Building is featured in many films, most notably Bladerunner and (500) Days of Summer.


The big city sounds with a Caribbean twist at the Aruba Music Festival

Aruba is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean to experience live music, known for its vibrant tropical energy and diverse entertainment options. The capital city of Oranestad is known as a hotbed of jazz and Latin music for the Caribbean, as numerous clubs and concert halls host concert groups throughout the year. Even outside the main tourist areas of Oranjestad live music can be heard in restaurants and beaches. The island is also home to major music festivals, the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival – an annual event that takes place every May that introduces internationally renowned soul and R&B artists – and the Aruba Music Festival – a two-day festival that welcomes the best-selling rock band classics , upcoming superstars and lesser-known regional performers. While events such as the Aruba Music Festival are organized around the world, several festivals boast a unique combination of entertainment in big cities and the inviting atmosphere of the Caribbean.

Although only in its 8th official season, the Aruba Music Festival has already attracted an incredible array of top-selling artists. Before it became Aruba Music Festival, the event was known as Aruba Jazz and Latin Festival. Designed in the 1980s to showcase the rich music tradition of the Caribbean region, the Aruba Jazz and Latin Festival was expanded and renamed in 2002. Although the Aruba Music Festival was created as a way of presenting the best international touring acts, The festival has remained true to its roots and continues to offer jazz and Latin performers throughout the Caribbean.

Although the lineup for this festival has not yet been announced, the event is sure to feature some classic rock acts as well as many local, regional and future international performers. In recent years, the headliners of the Aruba Music Festival have included well-known classic rock bands such as Chicago, the Doobie brothers, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Queen and Crosby Stills and Nash. The festival has also attracted several internationally acclaimed songwriters such as Lionel Richie, Jackson Brown and contemporary favorite, John Mayer. Before the headliners hit the stage every day at the Aruba Music Festival, the side scene is warmed by a diverse range of music styles, most of which are offered by bands specializing in dance-appropriate Caribbean genres.

The Aruba Music Festival is held annually at Aruba's most modern entertainment center. The spacious seating area allows concert people to enjoy the cool evening in a picturesque setting, just a five-minute drive from the center of Oranjestad and fifteen minutes by car from the island's hotel area. The Aruba Entertainment Center offers superb acoustics and open-air, yet intimate design ensures that all concertgoers have excellent views of the main stage. The venue has great shared access and open lawns that allow concertgoers to stretch blankets and enjoy a relaxing, picnic-like experience, while those who prefer reserved seats will find great views close to the stage. Behind the seating areas, a number of concession stands serve food and beverages, including local breweries and snacks.

As the Aruba Music Festival takes place shortly before the peak tourist season begins, budget travelers visiting the island before winter break have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the island's lively music scene. Tourists visiting Aruba during the fall season will also be safe in the prime time as the island falls outside the storm that affects many Caribbean islands.

The Aruba Music Festival will be held this weekend over the weekend of October 9-10. Once a schedule of title acts has been developed this year, updates on the festival can be found on Aruba's official tourism website ( As the schedule will be prominently displayed in local tourist publications, travelers can also contact the resort for more details about the festival.